Our spirit of innovations and creations bring us technological breakthrough and keep hard working on create aerial robotic flight platforms since 2014.

Our feature product is the unmanned helicopter, which has applicable uses in highway surveillance, rapid logistics operations, rescues, border patrol, counter-terrorism, special operations, aerial defense, aerial target drone training, agricultural protection, and other uses.

ZIYAN UAVs provides diversified choices for flight control systems and operation components, loading platforms and delivery systems to meet the demands of different industries and tasks.

  • flight control system
  • Black-Hawk glazed material
  • data link
  • ground station
  • mission system layout
  • military standard dynamical systems
  • min

model introduction

Each model can be customized according to different areas, customized solutions for customers to provide high value-added.



The Blowfish is used for heavy load with high combined efficiency and modularized design which provided GPS fix positions, lose-control protection and one-key return to base.




The Range is high-speed models use for industrial flight control system with light weight carbon fiber body design, modularized design, protection systems and other customized system can be loading.




The Infiltrator is multi-functional and equipped with tools for counter-terrorism, reconnaissance and patrol which can carry four rocket projectiles and renewal of fighting components base on the missional requirements.



data link

To insure the long distance, low delay and high reliability monitor abilities base on the military standard image-transmissions and data-links.

flight system

To achieve unmanned- control, missional management and emergency control we provided high qualities materials, designs and algorithmic language.

bodily material

the main bodily principal axis and structures is made by aluminum magnesium alloy and composites which adapt the low temperature from -20 degree to 50 degree and other different environments.

dynamical system

the dynamical system is made by military standardized and customized battery, the volume will not be influenced and will be activate at a shirt notice even in extreme cold weather.


it can be assemble and disassemble in a short time with employing modulated design and also it can have high adaptation of payload with visible light camera and infrared thermal imagery base on the mission requirements.

ground control station

we provide humanize and intelligent control design which can monitor real-time flight, fix flight status and support one-key automatic landing of the return.

Industrial grade · military grade · intelligent flight platform


ZIYAN UAV can be in the low temperature, high altitude, wind, rain, high speed and other extreme environment to perform the mission

Industry application

Industrial applications

3D surveying, bridge detection, inland oil pipeline inspection gas leak detection, circuit inspection

Enterprise civil

Express logistics, agricultural plant protection, forest fly protection, river inspection, high-speed aerial photography

public security

Monitor and control, border patrols, traffic monitoring, fishery inspection, territorial inspection

Reconnaissance against terrorism

Tactical reconnaissance, large-scale activities of security, battlefield supplies

emergency rescue

Harsh environment emergency rescue, medical rescue fire

Anti-terrorism assault

Anti-terrorism at the sudden, ground attack, special operations


ZIYAN UAV has gradually in all walks of life to take up the task.