Product System

Unmanned helicopter

Ziyan unmanned helicopter is an intelligent unmanned helicopter that can fly at high speeds, long navigation time, and modular design.

Flight control of ZIYAN

The ZIYAN flight control system is a new-generation flight control system developed by Ziyan for intelligent unmanned helicopters.

GCS(Ground station system)

ZIYAN GCS is a PC-side control system for intelligent flight, built-in a variety of mission templates to support high-definition digital image transmission.

Aircraft Features

7 level wind resistance

Under the force of 17m/s, the aircraft is stable.

High load capacity

The maximum working load of aircraft is 18kg which can be mounted with a variety of payload or high altitude operating equipment to perform different tasks.

High flight speed

Average speed of 80km/h and up to 145km/h which provide a strong guarantee for the implementation of the task.

Strong environmental adaptability

Adapt to complex environments such as wind which cold and desert and safe flight at temperatures from -20°C to 55°C.

High altitude flight

It can perform tasks normally on the plateau at an altitude of 5100m which the relative altitude flight up to 2500m and can cross most mountain obstacles.

Long flight duration

More than 60 minutes of lasting and stable flight which meet a variety of mission requirements.

Industry Application

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Marine Inspection

Improve maritime supervision and rescue capabilities,And it can provide new development ideas and more choices for the maritime sector to realize the three integrated cruise targets of "air, sea and land".

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Police & Anti-terrorism

To further improve the public security efficiency of public security officers and complete the security task with high efficiency.

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Emergency Disaster Relief

ZIYAN UAV can play a significant role in handling emergencies.

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Petroleum Conduit Patrolling

ZIYAN UAV has the characteristics of low cost, high efficiency and high security.

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Power Patrol

Improve the safety, efficiency and intelligence of transmission line inspections.